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Released 18th July 2016

The author writes:

I never intended to write "Music Mania". After completing Beauty & Joy: A Christian Nature of Music I was content to leave the subject to one side altogether - not because I felt the matter was exhausted, but because I was! I did not think I had any more to add. I was ready to write music, not write about music.

However, it was during my work as a composer that I began to ask more questions. "Music Mania" is not like Beauty & Joy, which tried to avoid confrontation. In a sense, its very pacific tone held against it because few could see the reason to establish a new musical foundation since they did not see anything wrong with the present one!

"Music Mania" fills that gap and more. It is the untold history of music, including:

  • How music became the religion of England.
  • The resistance movement that failed.
  • Why Classical Music is a problem today.
  • What happens to musicians who think they are gods
  • How the Church tried to use it and ended up promoting music instead.

As the cover art suggests, there is a certain amount of humour in unveiling the true history of Classical music's conquest of Victorian England. But this is not about the past. "Music Mania" is about culture today, untying the knots that have bound us since our births to believe in the power of music and the enchantment of musicians. There is freedom at the end of the journey - such a freedom which ultimately allows us to enjoy music all the more.